Carpet Cleaning For Spot Treatment

There is an age-old debate when it comes to cleaning a carpet that has been waged for as long as we have had both carpets, and things to spill on them. As it turns out, many times the technique for cleaning a spot is close to, if not the same as what a company will do to clean an entire room. There is a cleaning agent that is made primarily of water and solvent, a method of oxygenation, and a method of extraction. These three ingredients are necessary for the cleaning of even the smallest spot.

First, the water/solvent. Water is used on carpets instead of simple chemicals due to the fact that there will be a fair amount of dirt in the carpet fibers along with the staining agent. When that is the case, it is necessary to have something that can dissolve both old dirt, as well as, the new stain. To do so, a combination of water and solvent is used to ensure that the maximum amount of grime is removed from the carpet fiber. Cleaning carpet this way helps to elongate the life of the carpet where using chemicals only can actually decrease the wearablilty of the carpet itself, thus shortening its life.
Second, comes the oxygenizing agent. In a pinch, you might use club soda to get a stain out of a tie or dress shirt.

But have you ever asked yourself why? Why or how does a can of fizzy water do such a good job of cleaning a red wine stain? Well, it is because of the fact that it has our first two ingredients locked away in an oxidizing agent. As the club soda hits the stain, it is activated as a stain-busting wizard. Water, salts, and compressed Carbon Dioxide join together in a ballet of wonders that both destroys the proteins of the red wine, but also lift and remove the dissolved particles so as to render the spiller and victim smiling once more.

A similar process occurs when we want to spot-clean our carpet. We need to dissolve the stain, destroy proteins, and oxidize the area so that the stain can be lifted out of the carpet rather than simply sink to the padding.

The oxidizing agent allows the cleaner to remain in constant motion, and add a powerful element of stain destruction as well.
The lifting of the material is only part of what oxygen does in the stain fighting process. The most important part is the fact that oxygen is a natural decolorer. I know that’s not a word, but its easy to understand. Oxygen helps to remove color from chemicals.

When a chemical is added to water on an infomercial, we are all amazed to see the stained water be transformed into a transparent liquid again. But in actuality, we are only watching a chemical reaction take place. As the oxidizing agent is added to the water mixture, a visible reaction allows us to see how oxygen destroys the color of the stain. However, without adequate removal of the solution and dissolved stain, over time, the stain will reappear and be even harder to clean. Which brings us to our final ingredient in carpet cleaning.

Extraction. This is when home cleaning remedies begin to fall apart. We can get the spot dissolved, and we can get the spot oxidized, but how do you get all that stuff OUT of the carpet? If you just used a towel, you will only get what is on the surface, not the real stain below. If you use a traditional vacuum cleaner, you will probably soil the spot even more as the vacuum will most likely bring more dirt to the area than was already there. And if you try to use a shop-vac, you will pollute the rest of the room with dust and pollen from the garage. So what do you do besides call in a professional company like

In short, you have only a few options. The first is to rent a carpet cleaner that allows you to clean as much of your own carpet as you want. The upside is that it is cheaper than having a cleaning service. The downside is that you have to make the time to clean your carpets, and you find out that it is harder than it looks. The second is that you purchase a spot treatment machine or a home carpet shampooer. The upside is that you get to use it whenever you want. The downside is that they are very expensive and add little to your ability to clean the carpet due to the fact that you are still the one that has to do all the work, and lets face it, that makes cleaning the carpet less likely.

The third option, and the one I recommend is that you have a professional cleaning service come to your home and treat spots along with the rest of the floors. This way, the entire carpet is cleaned at the same rate, with the same chemicals, and YOU don’t have to do it.